Zuckerberg Requests Trump to be Easy on him

The chief executive officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg met with the current president of United State Donald Trump and members of Congress to discuss the very recent crackdown on the Facebook policy.

The news got out when the president of the US posted a photo with the CEO of Facebook on his twitter account.


Newly, The CEO of Facebook was questioned by the lawmakers about Facebook’s failures on protecting the user’s personal privacy.

US president is also one of those who criticized the Facebook policy. According to Mark, they are biased towards democrats.

When the meeting was concluded, They both responded in a very positive by hiding the real communication that happened behind closed doors.

United State president called it a Nice meeting and Mark Zukerberg said: “Had a Good constructive meeting with President Trump at the White House today.”

The bad news, This is not the first time that the CEO of Facebook faced such allegation. A few years ago he was criticized over privacy breaches, prejudice in election days and also favoring business interest group.

Mark Zuckerberg seemed fed-up by the allegations thrust upon him. While in meeting Mark dressed very formally as opposed to his invariable casual look.

Zuckerberg did respond to the questions asked by the present reporter as he was moving in the corridor of capitol hill.

Zuckerberg had to move office to office to meet particular members of Congress to get the support of them.

Actually, He is on a three days visit to capitol hill. He will be meeting with particular congress representatives such as Representative Doug Collins, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, and etc.

The CEO of Facebook trying his best to satisfy Washington, over there Zuckerberg has to show that the content allowed on social media networks is justified.

Recently, Facebook has launched finalization of its Charter for “Independent Oversight Board,” Which will take the complete control from the CEO of Facebook over the decision-making process.

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