Gambling Legislation in Pakistan and It’s Impact on the Economy

Gambling in Pakistan is prohibited under the authority of The Prevention of Gambling Acts.  It covers all forms of gambling, including online casinos.

However, with a population of over 220 million people, it is hard to believe there are zero gambling activities in the 6th most populous country in the world.

There are numerous illegal gaming venues, while one part of gamblers is performing its operations online. Even though lots of gaming sites got blocked in Pakistan, several top-rated online casinos still admit players are from this country. You can check the casinos that provide online gambling in Pakistan at

Despite being the most growing ‘digital-first country’ and one of the largest hubs of digital media, around 20% of Pakistani people still live in poverty.

The unemployment figures are about 5,5%, which is not too bad, but again, there are a lot of people without a regular income, even a minimal one.

Since gambling fines are not a deterrent, it’s fair to expect that underground gambling will continue to grow.

But, what would happen if gambling gets legalized? How would it impact the Pakistani economy, and what are potential benefits? In this article, we are going to state out just the most important ones.

The Impact on the IT Industry

People from this part of the world are well-known for their IT skills. There are many universities, very well educated young people who are capable of developing various kinds of software.

Many of them see the IT industry as the opportunity to pursue unique professional challenges. But how is it related to gambling? In the case of gambling legislation, lots of companies will search for IT experts to develop software for their businesses. It could cause a chain reaction.

As a consequence, there would be many more opportunities for the individuals themselves, as well as for existing or new IT companies who could enter the market.

It would lead to lots of open positions for IT professionals who would be able to develop their skills and participate in creating new gambling software. On the other hand, gambling providers would have enough IT human resources at their disposal, and wouldn’t need to look for outsourcing companies. New companies and more available jobs can also provide benefits to the Pakistani economy. 

Other Impacts on Creating New Job Opportunities in the Gambling Industry

IT experts are not the only ones who would benefit from getting more opportunities in their business. The legislation of gambling in Pakistan would also help the construction and other related industries to grow.

Since lots of casinos would be built, there would be lots of positions for different kinds of expertise. Those would be large projects, which could involve architects, builders, and many more professionals.

We all know how land-based casinos are luxurious, and therefore many experts need to be involved in fulfilling all project requirements. Even when those casinos get built, they still need a lot of staff for the continuous work on the casino services, maintenance, and all other tasks. That should also be an excellent opportunity for caterers.

When people are providing different kinds of services, another industry could benefit from building new casinos. Pakistan could get more attractive for tourists, who are seeking luxury accommodation and excellent entertainment.

They might prolong their stay, or plan another trip to Pakistan. Lots of casinos around the world are an integral part of the most prestigious hotels and resorts, and that concept could be replicated in this case as well.

Destinations like Macau or the Philippines are well-known for gambling, and Pakistan could become another exotic place to try your luck.

Last but not least, the Pakistani state budget could benefit from taxes on gambling winnings. Since it is still under restriction, technically, the fees on this type of income do not exist.

States that are famous gambling destinations can count on significant returns in taxes. Pakistani government could also fill up its budget, and that income should be way higher in comparison to the one that totals all gambling fines.

Final Thoughts

Gambling in Pakistan is still under strict regulation by The Prevention of Gambling Act, which dates back to 1977. Pakistani people are very sports-oriented, and although they might not be fans of the NFL or NBA, there is a massive fanbase for English Premier League, horse racing, and cricket. Gambling plays a significant part in the culture of these people, and they should be given a chance to enjoy gaming, as long as they do it in a responsible way.

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