Is Pakistan Becoming the NEXT DIGITAL HUB in 2019?

World Economic Forum About Pakistan

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF),  Pakistan is emerging now from long years of the terror war. It is also said that they are now coming to the positive sight of progress.

Ebay’s CEO also said in 2017 world economic forum about Pakistan growing e-commerce industry.

Alibaba is also a live example of showing interest in the largest e-commerce industry

It is also assumed that the collaboration of Pakistan with China had given a lot of benefits to the Pakistani’s.

Because China is very forward in the technologies if talk about artificial intelligence, Block-Chain, Robotics, Space and Cybersecurity.

The investment in CPEC project is also a good chance for the Pakistan government to build a good infrastructure for its country.

WEF also mentioned that there is so much skilled potential available in the population of Pakistan and it now depends on the leaders how they leverage the potentials for the betterment of Pakistan.

Google 5 reasons for Digital Strategy in Pakistan

Google a world largest Company also posted an article about the digital strategy in Pakistan with 5 reasons. The reasons are all provided with proof and facts.

They are telling the world to take interest in the digital strategy as Pakistan is one of the largest hubs of digital media. There are more than 60 million people uses mobiles and 40 million people use social media.

It is the best chance for the global brand to launch their brands on Pakistan and grasp the opportunity as soon as possible.

Because a majority of the customers are the young blood and they are the only target of a global brand to grow their profits.

Google also mentioned the investment of China in Pakistan for the 3g and 4g upbringing by Fiber optics. This will help the population of rural areas to merge in the digital world and it will also grow the users too, it will also benefit the global brands.

According to Forbes, Pakistan is on the list of Top 10 Coolest place for traveling in 2019. They also mentioned the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan and other parts of KPK.

2018 has been good for Pakistan if we talk about space because the country with help of China launched a Sensing satellite.

Pakistan Testing Evaluation Satellite which was solely launched by Pakistan in 2018.

There was no launching system available in Pakistan and for this reason, they took help from China to launch the satellites just for research purposes.

Moreover, if talk about e-commerce so it has been the bright side for Pakistan as the industry has grown up to $1 billion.

The consumer behavior has changed so far in 2018, the ratio of online shopping has now increased to 200% according to the experienced businessmen.

There are still other things which need to be improved for the betterment of Pakistan. But despite the fact, Pakistan has emerged so well in 2018 and it is a positive sign for the growth.

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