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Windows 10 – How To Install Plugins on Notepad++

You May Know that Notepad++ is A Source Code Editor and Text Editor For Windows Users. The Notepad++ Supports Tabbed Editing, Which Allows With Multiple Open Files in a Single Window. If you Wish to Buy Paid Notepad++ for Windows Operating System.

Then you can Buy the Notepad Plus Plus UWP application. That will Make Notepad Plus Plus More Better than its Plugin Support. Even If you have Never ever Used Plugins with This App on your Microsoft Windows.

How To Install Plugins On Notepad Plus Plus

You may know that Notepad Plus Plus Has A Plugin Manager Even in his Brand New Version of The App. The Plugins Manager is Called as a Plugin Admin. That is Identical the Same Thing, But Just a Different Company.

If you are Going to Install Plugins on your Notepad Plus Plus then you can Install Plugins From your Plugins Admin in your App (Notepad++).

If you can’t Find out Plugins Admin, Then Don’t Worry You Can Download From Here

With Plugins Admin

First, you will Need to Open Notepad Plus Plus, And I will Recommend you to Go For Plugins> Plugins Admin. If you are In Plugins Admin then Go For the List that is Available in your Plugins (Notepad++).

You will Need to Select One you Wish to Install in your Notepad++. You will Need to Click on The Install Option at the Top Right of your Screen. 

Plugins Admin

Without Plugins Admin

How to Install Plugin without Plugins Admin. That is very Easy. First, you will Need to  Download the Plugin, That will be in Zipped File, I will Recommend you to Extract it.

That Plugins will be In 86x and 64x Version. You will Need to Make sure that You have Downloaded the Same File that  Bout with your App and System Installation.

If you are Done and Also Extracted the Plugin, Simple you will need to  Paste the Extracted File into the Following Area.


If your Above Area Does Not Exist On your Operating System. You Must Paste the Plugin File to the Following Area:

C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins

If you are Using 32-Bit Installation Then I Will Recommend you to Paste It To.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

Plugins notepad

If your App is Open then I will Recommend you to Close  Notepad++, After 3 Minutes Open It Again. The Plugin must Be Shown in the Plugins Menu.

You Can Install Any Plugins You Want to Install it In Your Notepad Plus Plus. If you Have Any Question Reality This Article You may Ask in the Commend Section Below. 

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