How to Set Alarm On Linux Computer

Everyone Wish to Get Up Early in the Morning But They Can’t, Suppose if you Keep your own Operating System(Linux) on all the Time, And you May Consider For an Awesome Way to Getup in the Morning. 

If you Want you can Wake Your Linux (Computer) at Any Time Only By prissing the key on your Keyboard or Power Button in your Operating system (Linux). Even if you Wish to Wake at the Certain Time,

This May Help you Natural Certain Tasks Etc If you want to Download Something at Five AM.

On That Time may Your Internet Connection  Will Be Faster than Other Times. If you Want you can Shut Down and Power on at Certain Times (Computer).

Test If Your  Linux (Computer) Supports Wake-Up Timers

If your Computer (Linux) His Not Proper Hardware Then Your Computer May Not Support this Feature. Nonetheless, On Precondition Configurations, This Might Work.

You Can Do A Quick Test, For That, you will need to Open a Terminal Emulator and Enter the Following Command.

sudo rtcwake -m mem -s 30

Your Computer (Linux) Must go to Sleep and Wake Up 30 Seconds Laters. Although if your Linux Computer Need More then 30 Seconds than you can Increase the 30 Seconds to 40 OR 50. 

I will Recommend you to Test this Code Also if your Computer Supports this Waking up from a Complete  Shutdown.

sudo rtcwake -m off -s 60

Even If The Kernel, Hardware, and Drivers Get Along with Each other, You Must have No Issue. If your Linux Aren’t Support Timers, It’s  Apparently Because of the Hardware, BIOS, UEFI Configurations Don’t Meet The Requirements.

Though You Should as Well Try Your Own Luck and  See if you are Upgrading some Driver and Switching from Proprietary Ones to Open Source Does The Trick. You May Try to Install A Newer Kernel. 

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