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Pak Coin – A Digital Scam in South Punjab Pakistan

Digital Currency is growing so fastly all around the world. The experiences of experts give clear information about its importance in the future.

The employment rate has become so low in Pakistan and the new generation is now dreaming of overnight success. It is one of the most common reason for scammers to betray innocent people.

The same case occurred at south Punjab of Pakistan with the name of a fake currency Pak Coin.

The main reason for scamming innocent people has become strong for the group of peoples when the bitcoin news roamed all around the world and in Pakistan. 

People who watched the news and read about a single bitcoin value which was in Lac. They realize that it is the only reason they will become rich in a short period of time.

The scammer took advantage of this news and started their own coin in a specific area of south Punjab.

The Scammers took money from the people’s and created their accounts. 

The process of earning is so funny because the scammers told the Account holders that they have to shake their mobiles in order to earn money. 

Almost more than 70% population of that specific area was founded by some media peoples shaking mobile in their daily routine publicly. 

One of the reporter when asked a kid what are you doing? 

He Replied: My father created an account and the person created a package for him. My task is to shake this mobile so we can earn money.

There are also other people founded shaking their mobiles while studying and eating.

There are various age group of people founded shaking the mobiles including male and female.

The Scammers also created a website where they daily update the rate of the coins and create an account for the people so they can easily check out their earnings and profits. 

The website is created by the scammers very professionally and not a single person can judge.

Not only the uneducated but the educated person also become the victim of this scam currency.

The group looted crores through this scamming.

Pak Coin Scam Video

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