“Time is Money” – The Famous and Most Wrong Quote Ever

You probably have heard this many times from professional people in the industry. But, do you know it’s wrong Quote they use? If you don’t, let’s prove it here.

Time is never going to be money, nor money is going to be time.

You can earn as much money as you want in a single day that most people won’t earn in their life time.

But do you know that if we compare Time with Money, it’s a direct insult to time.

You Can Earn Money Back, if you LOST.


You Can’t Earn Time Back, When it’s LOST.

It is the basic logic behind this, nobody in the world can compare time with anything, Time is way more precious, unique and not gain able again when it’s lost.

Like: If you lost all your money, you can earn it back, no matter you are poor or middle class lost all your money, but you can always earn as much as you can’t even think of it.

I wish, I could gain my childhood days back, BUT I CAN’T! I wish, I could make more money, I CAN!

It’s just straight forward the exact answer that time is never money, it’s a myth or it’s wrong which people uses, without even going in to its logic.

If you have any question in your mind popping up, comment down below, I would love to answer it. Share it with your friends on social media. So, that they also get to know about this. THANKS…

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