LEARN SCALABILITY: Difference between YOU and Successful Internet Business People

Do you know what’s the difference between YOU and Successful Internet business people? The answer to this is SCALABILITY…

What Do I Mean by Scalability?

The ability to multiply or dramatically improving a business and doing it on a massive scale.

So, How Do I Do This?

I learned working with big agencies/companies that scalability is more of a mindset than a skill.

YES, A normal person would think like “Let’s start one website and put all of our energy in advertising it”

Whereas a person with a Scalability mindset would be like: “Let’s start one website and as soon as it starts converting, launch another one for a new Country, then target another Country and keep going till every Country is covered.”

Fear of revealing SECRETS:

When you start thinking of scalability, You will need more people working for your company/yourself, right?

BUT your mind will tell you “Let’s not share your secrets/websites with your employees”

That mindset will never ever let you scale your business.

Focus on your Goals:

Instead of thinking about your secrets, Start thinking, and focusing on your goals—You will quickly understand that How people can help you achieve your big goals in a short period of time.

And if they are getting some peanuts out of it, let’s help them learn and grow as well, How about that? How about growing together?

Start Scalability from TODAY:

If you are going to start a new business OR already running a business then ask yourself or your team that How you can expand and bring more users/customers/clients? How can you scale?

AND You will have better answers than I can ever give you about your business…

Credit: Talha Wahid

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