Google AdSense – Horrible Facts that You Must Know

There are different field of experts including Cooking, Travelling, Technology gurus, film makers, vloggers, pranksters, Bloggers and many more.

All of them have a kind of website on their expertise and almost each of them connects Google AdSense with their websites.

If you are new and don’t know about Google AdSense,

So, it is basically a program that runs and owns by Google where big companies or any businesses pay for their ads and google add them to the websites which was run by me or you.

If a user come to my website and see the ad plus click on that ad.

The commission set for that ad will go to google and some percentage to our Google AdSense Account that is connected to that website.

 This is the basic way to teach you about a basic knowledge of google.

As You Have a Little Knowledge About Google AdSense, Now Let’s Dive in to The Main Topic:

Many of you working with google AdSense had faced a lot of hurdles like me as well.

This is why it really pushed me to write an article against one of the top companies of the world with such a bad experience and mismanagement.


Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Horrible Facts About Google:

There are some rules set by google for the website owners who wish to work with Google AdSense. The rules are if you connect Google AdSense with your website. You have to cross the limit of $100 in your account to cash the money.

Now for example if you started earning from today and completes the minimum limit of $100 at 25 December and requested for money. Now you have to wait for one more month to receive that cash.

There is another horrible reason which will shock you about google AdSense.

If you are running high authority websites or have a good traffic with good earning rate at AdSense.

For some of the reason your competitor, mostly the same niche websites owners try something unusual with bot’s attack or loop click in a short span of time on your google ads.

It is most probably seen that your account will be Disable for life.

There are a lot of cases happened in website owner’s life where they lose more than 10 lacs by facing the account disable issue.

Still if there is nothing wrong done by the owner, they bear heavy loss. And the most shocking thing is that google still don’t give any support to such issues.

Talking about support so there are countries like our neighbor India who has the ability to charge their complaints against such accounts on the google office established in India.

There is no physical facility available in Pakistan for the people earning from AdSense. There are some facts that requires a physical location of Google in Pakistan for the online earners.

  • If you have money in lacs on google AdSense and you just woke up early in the morning to check the current balance. You will face a disable account notification and boom your earnings are gone.
  • There is nothing left for you now as if you email them for the issue and recovery of money. The google bots will automatically replies you and no one will facilitate you from their side.
  • The amount you lose will take by google themselves and not pay back to the advertisers.
  • If Google establish any physical location In Pakistan so it will help the AdSense users to meet with the facilitators face to face and discuss the issues regarding the cash recovery or to prove your self right and re-able your AdSense account and money.

The same facts have been facing by most of the people and this is why most of the people in Pakistan losing a kind of hope and trust from AdSense earning and transferring themselves to sell their skills and teach other, or selling services on fiver, Upwork or making affiliate earnings etc.

You can now also see that most of the experienced online earners are promoting affiliate earning and other type of earning instead Google AdSense because of the lack of interest and some issues.

There is also a complaint charged by California company Free Range Content Inc. The company alleged that Google has disabled the payments of some accounts whose payments were in process phase. This is such a shameful act performed by the google AdSense.

It gives a clear knowledge to us that if you earn some money from google AdSense and requested for cash out and if your account will be disable.

You will not only lose the money you had in the account but also the money that is also in the process phase.

According to the Bleeping Computer, Google had paid almost $11 million dollars of the AdSense suspended account owners back in the 2018.

The issue was raised by the owners and with the full support of the government google came into pressure and gave back the money they acquire from the suspended channels which in actual was not google money back to the account holders.

Moreover, the only paid back the amount to the owner of google AdSense account the advertisers had not received the money back.

Back in 2014, Super cray the owner of a website called as raised a news against the google in which he mentioned the loss of 5 lac dollars which google did not paid back to super cray.

He started a campaign of ads in google AdSense and spends around $300,000 and when in return he got lots of click on the site he wanted to drive traffic. He earned the amount of more than $500,000 in return.

The main scenario happened when the google refused to pay the money to super cray and with lots of discussion and arguments super cray faced a sad and unethical response from google side.

Not only us the websites owners who connect ads on our website but the advertisers who are paying money to the google are in return getting fake and unusual traffic which is continuously making a huge loss for them.

According to Information week reports, “Information Week reports Google was slapped with a class action lawsuit over the AdSense for Domains product. In short, advertisers are upset with the quality of traffic driven through that program and feel that their money was taken from them without any return.”

All of this needs to be stopped as owner of AdSense account from other countries can still take any action against AdSense but people in Pakistan have no single rights to do against this unfair.

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