Google Lens: A billionaire App to use

Google Lens is an image recognition app which was released by Google in 2017.

The app is available in different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugues, and Korean.

The main reason for developing this app is to receive any information using any visual thing. It is an AI-powered camera which perform the task by machine learning and camera vision.

How it can be good for personal use?

Well, All you need to do is to download this app either you are an apple or android user.

Put the Camera onto an object, the application tracks all the necessary information from an object like headings and other things. Now the app searches for the relevant results and provides you the best result at the display.

There will be some condition occurs in your life where you can not write for search so instead, you can use the Google Lens app for your personal use.

Why did you call it a billionaire App?

Let’s start with the beginning, the app, when released in 2017, came up with the detection ability of around 250,000 items.

But in the recent few days, it becomes the billionaire detection ability app with around 1 billion items you can search visually.

It is also be assumed by most that they did not add major old items in the visual search result.

Despite the fact, there is still billion different things you can search through Google lens app which is no doubt an amazing thing.

Some of the pictures that will help you to understand the app better.


google lens


In the above pic, you can see a person is standing in front of a shop or restaurant and by using google lens he can easily get the information about their service and ratings.


google lens


In this picture, a person is pointing the camera to a dog and google lens in return providing all the related information about the dog that is available in the Google database.


google lens


The third pic in which a human is pointing the camera at Eifel Tower and in return the google lens is providing all the necessary information related to Eifel tower for the users.

The app is no doubt one of the amazing revolution and ease created for the user.

Video use of Google Lens



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