Google – A New Search Feature for the Users Easiness

Google is finally releasing a new feature, it is very amazing for those who search a lot on google.

The new feature is basically an Activity card, the card is going to be very helpful for the visitors.

In the past, whenever you need to see the previous searches you go to google history by pressing Ctrl+H and then tracking your desirable result in a queue of results. It might be very time-consuming and hectic for a person.

But, the new activity card feature will give you the easiness by showing the most researchable result in the last time to your search result. So, you don’t need to work for tracking the same search. 

There is also an option for you to remove the unwanted searches showing in the activity card and for some reason, if you won’t like this feature, you can easily turn it off entirely. 

According to The Verge,

Activity cards are available today on Google’s mobile website and via its English-language US apps. An international rollout has yet to be announced.

All you need to do for using this feature is to log-in your google account.

google activity cards

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