Govt to Complete Imported Car Verification Within 3 Days

The Government is trying their best to facilitate every single individual and curb processing delays have issued various orders including the issuance of verification certification of vehicles that have been imported within three working days of the letter being issued by the MRA {Motor Registering Authority}.

The procedure for issuance of verification reports on imported cars takes a maximum of 6 to 7 months, As per the current information is available.

A certain desk has been set up at Karachi west customs collectorate which will automatically receive applications from Motor Registration Authority’s from all provinces and deliver them on a specific time.

A verification appraising officer has been currently empowered to continue processing the application complete with credentials on an exciting day after the DRO {Dal Receipt Officer} sends it to them.

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The vehicles which are imported under the WeBOC system could be validated by the relevant excise officer because they will be able to access the online record.

One thing you should keep in mind that cars brought in under the one-customs system will be validated from Karachi customs and the cars cleared under this will have the following particulars:

  • Importer name & address
  • Name of clearing agent and address along with CHAL No.
  • Machine / GD No.
  • Cash No.
  • Description of the vehicle with H.S code
  • Bill of lading No.& date
  • Chassis No.
  • Amount of duty and taxes of deposited at the time of import

The information will be gathered from the system and will have time-stamps indicating the timing of the retrieval of information.

The principle appraiser will validate the information, countersign and stamp the document, the notification shows us that the directives will be implemented effectively directly.

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