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How to Change Alexa’s Language

If you are going to listen and speak to Alexa in a Language besides the one she came with, it is very easy to do, as you may know that North American echo devices come programmed in Canadian and American English, but she is fluent in Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and many more languages.

How Changing Alexa’s Language Works

It is a very easy way, you will need to follow the process separately for each device you wish to change because the update will not apply universally to all the devices you might own.

You can change the language to Spanish on the Echo Dot in your Bedroom, but keep in mind that the Echo show in your kitchen will still speak English.

If you are going to change the language on every single device, we recommend you to follow the steps separately for each one.

How to Change Language on the Alexa App

1.) First, you will need to open the app.

2.) At the bottom left of your screen, click on the “Device” after that scroll down until you find the device you wish to change the language on.

3.) Now click on the “Device Name”. This will automatically open the “Device Settings” screen.

4.) Here I will recommend you to scroll down and tap Language.

5.) Tap the language you wish to use on the device, you will be able to see a warning window pop up indicating the language is not fully supported in your country and that certain capabilities, music, skills, and even content might become unavailable, Click on the “Ok” button.

6.) Now the app will automatically pop up with another window that says your device will tell you when the language has changed but for most individuals, this doesn’t actually happen.

Once you are completely done, you will be able to see the change reflected with a checkmark next to the language you chose in the app.

Device Settings

Note: Sometime you may wish to change it back, simply follow the same step and select the original language of your device.

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