Groom Arrested For Holding Wedding in the Time of Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 has been making headlines every day in Pakistan, sometimes even every few hours.

Everyone is taking precautions to ensure that the coronavirus is kept at bay even while going on to stockpiling groceries at home.

94 test +ve for Coronavirus in Pakistan. It has arrived. We have very little time left to help flatten the curve as much as possible. Lessons must be learnt from countries that handled it well & ones that handled it poorly. It’s now or never.

— Annie (@quratula1n_s) March 16, 2020

Amidst all the panic, the government of Pakistan has imposed section 144, according to rumor; the govt has applied a month-long restriction on Educational institutions, Tuition centers, Universities, Marriage Halls, and even religious seminaries ordering them to close down.

Every kind of social gathering has been restricted for the next three weeks, and every one of us is advised to stay at home.  

Punjab Govt Imposes Section 144 To Contain Coronavirus – #Pakistan

— BreakingNewsPakistan (@BreakingNewPak) March 15, 2020

But a wedding plan in Multan, Pakistan has been remained the same, on Monday, during the routine surveillance, government officials became aware of a wedding reception being held at Nasir Public School Multan.

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Aamir Khattak, the deputy commissioner of Multan ordered the team of Sital Marri Police, led by additional deputy commissioner revenue and Muhammad Tayyab Khan corona focal person to launch a crackdown on the wedding reception.

Legal Action Was Taken

According to the report an FIR was filed against the groom, who was standing outside of the wedding hall to welcome his guests.

They began to remove all the tents at the venue in an attempt to save the folks present at the wedding from being a victim to a coronavirus outbreak in such gatherings.

Bilal Gogar, the school principal got an FIR registered against his name for organizing the wedding reception.

Muhammad Tayyab Khan made an appeal to the individuals to avoid going to such gatherings and to adopt preventive measures.

The authorities have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of all the citizens, A control room has been set up at the Deputy Commissioner’s office, and a trained surveillance team of doctors and paramedical staff has been organized.

Seriously saw last night more strict protocols for controlling the #coronavirus penetration at Islamabad International Airport than Dubai. Huge applause for the whole team of Doctors, Pakistan Army and indeed the Airport administration.

— Jalal (@Jalalafsar) February 16, 2020

Furthermore, Aamir Khatak has also ordered a crackdown of stockiest selling surgical masks and hand sanitizers. 120 beds and six high dependency units have been allocated in Multan, Khanewal, Vehari, and Lodhran districts to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Isolation wards have been established at many health centers of the division.

Let me ask you a Question do you think an FIR was filed against the groom to warn the public of the severity of the current situation let us know below in the comment section.

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