Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Could Kill Millions’ in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has issued its most dire warning about the brand new COVID-19 outbreak ravaging the country, suggesting millions of individuals could die in the Islamic Republic if folks keep traveling and ignore health advisories.

A state television journalist, who is also known as a medical doctor, gave the warning on Tuesday citing a study by Tehran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology,

Which offered 3 scenarios, related to the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, one of the deadliest outside China, where the illness originated.

135 new COVID-19 deaths took the country’s overall toll to 988 on Tuesday, as it curtailed celebrations for a fire festival in a bid to contain the disease.

Dr. Afruz Eslami said that if an individual starts to cooperate now, Iran will see 120,000 infections and 12,000 deaths before the outbreak is over.

Incase if individuals offer medium cooperation, there will be more than 300,000 cases and 110,000 deaths.

Suppose if they follow any guidance given by the world health organization, it could collapse Iran’s already-strained medical system.

She said that “If medical facilities are not sufficient, there will be four million cases, and 3.5 million people will die,”

She didn’t elaborate with metrics the study used, but reporting it on Iran’s tightly controlled state TV represented a major change for a country whose officials had for days denied the severity of the crisis.

No ‘Unnecessary’ Travel

According to the health ministry, Iran has been scrambling to contain the rapid spread of the COVID-19 which so far has infected some 16,000, including 1,178 brand new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader issued a religious ruling prohibiting “Unnecessary” travel in the country on Tuesday.

The State Television had announced the shrines’ closure, sparking the demonstration,s on Monday.

Later on, Police dispersed the crowds, state media reported. Religious authorities and a prominent Qom seminary called the demonstration an “insult” to the shrine in a statement, urging the faithful to rely on “Wisdom and patience” amid the closure.

15 Million Screened

State Television reported recently that Iran has deployed teams to screen travelers leaving major cities in 13 provinces, Including Tehran the capital.

The teams is going to check out travelers temperatures and send those with fever to quarantine centres.

Currently, Iran has released more than 85,000 prisoners on temporary leave, judiciary spokesman Gholam hossein Esmaili said on Tuesday.

Among those released prisoners is Mohammad Hossein Karroubi, son of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, who was in jail for nearly two months.

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Kianoush Jahapour, the health ministry spokesman recently said that more than 15 million Iranians have been screened for symptoms.

According to him, the trend of rising reported infections is due to the increasing number of tests being carried out. More than 18,000 cases of the brand new virus confirmed across the Middle East have come from Iran.

“Countries across the Middle East have imposed sweeping travel restrictions, canceled public events and called on non-essential businesses to close for the coming weeks.”

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