HAIRCUT HOME TIPS: How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home While Quarantine

Salons across the entire world is closed during this coronavirus crisis, many of you are wondering like I did, that when I am going to have my next hair cut?

Before you begin cutting your own hair at home, its suggested that you must follow some experts advice to get started, we have few tips that could help you;

  • Invest in a pair of styling shears.
  • Cut less than you think you really need too.
  • Work with your natural hair texture.


How to Cut 3 Different Bangs

Cutting Your Hair At Home is Convenient

1) Cutting Your Hair At Home is Convenient:

Convenience is king in a busy world

We only have 24 hours in a day. Time is precious, and majority of us loves to spent it with family and friends.

“Going to Barber Shop” isn’t really necessary. In fact, It can feel like a chore to drive across town, wait in line for touch-up, and then drive back to shower and clean up the hair left on our neck and shirt.

Well, not all men have the desire for a salon experience. it really takes time to schedule an appointment and wait for it to arrive.

Would not it be so nice to roll out of bed and give yourself a clean up in the comfort of your own home? it would only take about 20-30 minutes and then get the rest of your day.

Too good to be true? It’s not as hard as you may think.

Trim Your Hair at Home

2) Style on the Go:

How many times has an important meeting comes up at the last minute?

Have you ever wished. So, you could run into the barbershop for an emergency trim?

When a man has an urgent situation, the barber’s schedule may not always match up with his.

Well, Most importantly, man who travel internationally may feel very uncomfortable having their hair cut in a foreign country. Language barriers can get into the way of explaining specifically, what they want.

If a man can take his style with him, he can groom himself anytime and anywhere.

man haircut at home

3) Cutting Your Hair at Home Gives You Control:

I have faced several issues, like; I have given a barber specific instructions and it didn’t come out the way I expected! May be you have faced that issue as well!

Well, this happens when a man puts his expectation in the hands of a someone he may not trust.

If a man can cut his hair at home, he is in total control. He exactly knows his desires better than anyone.

Cutting Your Hair At Home Is A Valuable Skill Set

4) Cutting Your Hair At Home Is A Valuable Skill Set:

Learning anything new is an art, which requires practice. Keep it very simple by choosing a specific style that looks best but doesn’t take too much effort to achieve.

The easiest way to get started is with shorter hair. With time as your hair grows longer, guidance of a professional becomes more essential.

“Here is a good order to practice from easy to difficult.

The Easiest Cuts:

These require the least amount or practice and are great for beginners. 

Close cut This is the perfect cut to practice at home with. It’s the closest shave to your head and requires daily upkeep, but it takes the least amount of knowledge.

Buzz Cut The uniformed length on the top, back, and sides make this the easiest cut to maintain. It’s a hair longer (no pun intended) than the close cut so you can go a couple days between maintenance.

Easy Cut This is the cut that looks best on you. No need to worry about the rules here. You can experiment a bit on the perfectly shaped cut for your head.

Brush Cut This is the easiest cut to achieve with a little bit of length. The brush cut is perfect for the man on the go who just desires a streamlined look without buzzing down to nothing”.

The best places for touch ups are:
  • Arch
  • Sideburns
  • Neck
Arch  Sideburns  Neck 
Most current styles don’t have the hair touching the ears. Don’t use scissors around the ears. Instead, use a trimmer or inverted clipper to shape the hairline with a steady single-direction motion. Bend the ear down so they’re out of the way for quick trimming.
Whether you’re tapering, straightening, or trimming, uniformity on both sides is key. It’s easiest to trim the sideburns if they’re damp. Comb in their natural direction of growth and use the trimmer or clipper to reach your desired shape. The neck is the easiest to go unnoticed simply because it is out of site. Remember, it’s only out of YOUR site. Many people see a hairy neckline. All it takes is a spare minute and a mirror. Use the trimmer or clippers in the closest position. Run in an upward position to eliminate growth.

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