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HostGator VPS Snappy 4000 Hosting Review 2020 [Worst Hosting]

In the past few years, I have changed multiple web hosting companies and tested more than 10 different companies for my sites.

But, the majority of so called best web hosting failed to serve my needs for my websites.

I have earlier Posted a Review on HostPlay Web Hosting and Also on Creativeon Web Hosting. These both companies failed to serve their clients, the only thing they do better is charging tons of money from customers.

So, coming back to my current hosting, which is HostGator, You probably have seen their Advertisement on YouTube, Facebook or on other blogs and websites.

So, I saw a youtuber video on HostGator, was very excited to shift to this hosting and bought VPS hosting from hostgator, first their rates on their site is different but when you are about to pay the prices dramatically changes a lot.

Snappy 4000 VPS Hosting

So, I paid around $40 for this package WHM / Cpanels included. So, on the first month, everything looked great, I contacted hostgator and told them that I will pay the yearly fee now at once, but you must give me a discount, and they offered me a great discount, for which I was very satisfied.

VPS Hosting Yearly Payment

And I did the yearly fee payment, and on the next month, something weird started with one of my website.

I had posts directly coming from malicious users in my WP-Admin Dashboard Posts sections, I checked the Users section, there were no users registered, Nor did I had any irreverent plugins.

So, this started making me stressed and these malicious posts were around 1000+ and hackers kept posting new posts without my permission on my site.

But, the posts were not public! I used to delete them the same site.

So, I thought that in my earlier web hosting experience the HostGator, so called best hosting would help me and solve this issue.

HostGator Online Chat Support

In my previous years with other hosting, they would solve any of site issues; whether those were of Databases, Site Security or Even some of which were not even related to my sites, they would solve those, with just opening a ticket.

So, coming back to Hostgator live chat support, I contacted their team, and told them the complete issues with my site being happening for 2 weeks, this issue was never existed but once I shifted the hosting on HostGator, This issue appeared and it is still not solve.

In simple words, they told me to buy their SiteLock Security. I told them that the budget I had I completely invested by purchasing your web hosting, I thought that you guys will help me, If I ever had any problem and told them that in my previous hosting, They would solve me issues for free without even charging a single penny from me.

So, they told me that we are forwarding your case to our security experts, we will email you and send you a good news, I waited there for so so long and I never received any mail nor help.

Second Try:

Again I contacted HostGator on Online Chat Support and told them the complete story, they again told me that we will do your work on priority and sorry for earlier mistake by not contacting you.

This time again I was told to wait little and you will receive an email soon.

But, Again I didn’t received any mail.

Third Try:

I again contacted them and this time, they did send me an email, and check out how the email looks, and guess what, My problem of site is yet not solved!

In Short, HostGator is a Web Hosting That Will Take All Your Money Out of Your Pocket! Money Making Machine!

HostGator Reply on Mail

Dear HostGator,

I Have the Backup and I Know How to Upload and Live the Site and I Know Basic Site Security, But I Did Not Expected You Do These Types of Scams with People.

You See They Will Never Solve Your Problem But They Recommend You to Upload Your Previous Backup, What if the Hacker Could Again Do The Same? Will I Upload the Backup Every Time? Do I Look Stupid to You?

Should You Buy HostGator Services?

Most of videos you see on YouTube or Facebook or on Blogs are Sponsored and the only thing people care is about Money, If you give a Blogger, YouTuber little amount of money, they can do anything, they will review the worst services as the best.

So, in short you better look for another web hosting but not HostGator, I don’t recommend you to buy hostgator services.

I will shift my hosting as soon as my hosting expires!

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