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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After Days Not Only after 7 Minutes – WhatsApp Bug

Delete WhatsApp messages from Everyone Even After Few Months Or Hrs Or Year:  Recently, WhatsApp introduced the very new Features in WhatsApp which was to delete the message from sender to receiver within just 7 minutes otherwise you might not be able to delete, But due to this small bug or we can call it Trick we can delete the messages from both the parties whether the messages are delivered months or days and years before.

How Does This Hack/Trick Works?

  1. Open your Setting on your phone
  2. Click on Advanced Setting
  3. Now if you click on Date & Time you may see that it’s automatic date & time it means that your network provider sets your Timings so you need to stop or uncheck this Date & Time Option
  4. Now you need to Turn Off Your Internet Connection from your mobile device
  5. Now again go to Settings click on the Apps inside the setting menus.
  6. Now when clicked on Apps you now need to find out your WhatsApp
  7. Now after finding whatsapp from Apps Select Whatsapp & Click on Force Stop option and Click OK.
  8. Now go back to settings and click on Advanced Settings & click on Date & Time & Click on Set Date and Time Manually.
  9. Now check the date/month/year/hr/minutes the message you sent to your friends or to anyone just check that message timing and put the 1 minute past timing here in Advanced Setting Date & Time
  10. Now go back to your whatsapp message and select the messages that you send your friends and click on delete button it will give you the option to delete the message for everyone.

As you could see that how easy is to delete the messages from many times hanging out at WhatsApp. You can also watch the video practically how to delete the messages in the video below which is sent by one of my Friend Haider For more information you can visit his website and YouTube channel


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