How to Stay Safe and Alive From Man Made Virus?

Read these important points to help you stay alive and stay safe from this men made virus also known as corona virus and many other men made virus coming in future.

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💉💊 Avoid boiler chicken and anything meat unless it is desi chicken or goat zabiha by you making sure the animal is not sick.

💉💊 Avoid packet food and drinks & trust nothing synthetic but natural.

💉💊 Avoid Engro’s all products or boycott it completely as they have signed a secret contract with Bill Gates.

💉💊 Store your wealth in Gold or Silver only before 2021. Silent msg.

💉💊 Trust a drug addict but not print and Electronic media.

💉💊 Trust nothing but your sixth sense and faith in God. Don’t just recite Surah al Kahf, read its translation as much as possible.

💉💊 The one who will act like a sheep to this centralized system will die first and suffer the most.

💉💊 Those who bring Quran & Hadith in press conferences before sharing their agenda, make sure to hear it with a double benefit of doubt because Quran is always used as an extremely productive tool to brainwash and control Muslim masses. This tactic has always worked for BRITISH EMPIRE to control mindset of Muslim population of the subcontinent. This method is used even today by their loyals.

💉💊 Find a parallel source of agricultural or livestock income. Do boring at home and invest in agricultural lands whenever you find an opportunity.

💉💊 Remember this Equation: PLANdemic= Lockdown=Recession=CIVIL Wars=Vaccination=One World Govt=Digital Currencies

🏹 Don’t fight the system, don’t escape it, just trick it.

Anyone who laughs at you today will laugh at his sheep mentality in years to come.

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