Survival Of The Fittest

🖋As long as their is poverty there are diseases and pharma business will triumph.

🖋As long as their is violence in streets, trust in banking system will triumph.

🖋As long as their is panic, masses will remain under control.

🖋As long as their is no religion, morality will become a taboo.

🖋As long as their is nationalism, your neighbor will be your enemy.

🖋As long as their is a Man made PROBLEM, there will be a man made prebuilt solution.

🖋As long as the society will act as sheep, they will keep following the grass.

🖋As long as trust in True One God becomes a taboo, several new gods can be invented

🖋As long as their is a virus, there would be a vaccine.

🖋As long as you share the truth, you will be trolled and mocked.

🔨The survival of fittest in this jungle law of the world has just begun.

🗡Don’t fight the system, don’t escape it, just learn to trick it.

⛏If you are going against the majority (centralized system), know that you have just left the herd of clowns & deserve to survive as Free Man.

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