The bill for a 10 day admission at Agha Khan with Covid 19 is Rs. 1.7 million! The patient was charged for 1800 gloves and PPE!!! You need to deposit Rs 1 .2 million at the time of admittance!

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1800 PPEs mean that the patient was checked 180 times a day with new PPE! How is that even possible? 7.5 times an hour? Itne deer main to app PPE change bhee nahi kr sakte!

RIP Healthcare! RIP Poor people of Pakistan!

Agha Khan Hospital Scam Bills

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Says,

“I have suffered their financial bullying.

They charged me 7000/- per day during ifza’s birth and when I asked what was that 21000/- for? They said it’s when a nurse came to make your baby sleep at night…. nurse care per day charges which was nowhere mentioned in that 185,000/- (7 day package) delivery bill that these assholes handed over to me.

The total bill I paid was around 210,000/- and left hospital the third day despite 7 days booking because of this financial bullying.

These hospitals are never audited or held accountable because accountability exists in Madinah ki riyasat and never in a Jungle law of Pakistan.”

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