Dear Men, Here Are Natural Ways to Increase Penis Size

Dear men here are some of natural ways to increase the size of your junk, though they say big things come in small packages, sometimes you just need your “joystick” to come in a big package once and for all.

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Away from all the cosmetics ways to increase your size and impress the ladies, here are few ways to enlarge your dick naturally.

1: Penis Stretching Exercise

Add inches to your Rictus Erectus by engaging in penis stretching exercises.

Use your hand to massage the tissues along the length of your penis.

This will stretch the skin and create what is called “micro-tears” in the tissue, which may appear enlarged as they heal making the penis look longer.

2: Be Active

Lack of physical activity increase your cholesterol level disrupting proper blood circulation in the penis causing your penis to shrink.

A healthy, active lifestyle will help with penis size and health.

3: Kegels

Yes, this is not just a women things. it is an everybody thing.

Kegels enhance your penis muscles.

When peeing, squeeze your muscles on and off aiming for 20 sets per setting.

4: Jelqing

Jelquing improves the size and hardness of your beef thermometer.

When your penis is partially erect and well lubricated hold the base of your penis and move your hand slowly up maintaining pressure.

Stop at the head of the penis, this counts as a jelq.

5: No Smoking

Tiny particles from smoking block your arteries damaging the flow of blood, Smoking is not only proven to shrink the size of penis but also decrease testosterone levels.

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