India Refused to Take Part in Upcoming T20 Asia Cup in Pakistan

The news of hosting t20 Asia cup on 2020 by Pakistan spread very quickly and become one of the happiest moments for both the team and population of Pakistan. The AC Asian Cricket Council had finalized the decision.

But despite the fact there were so many confusion between the cricket board of Pakistan, cricket team and the cricket fans of Pakistan as they all were sure about the Indian board.

The confusion become reality when the news from India showed all around the world about refusing to tour Pakistan in t20 Asia cup 2020.

It is not the first time as in the past there were on different occasion when these type of decisions has been made which not only making cricket look poor but also a bad experience for the Pakistani fans as well.

Pakistan has a lot of cricket fan following and they wants to see the heroes of cricket of all Asian countries in Pakistan.

We can also assume that the decisions of refusing may be occur due to the relationship and political influences but we wish that the relations of both the countries may go well in future and they can play peacefully in future.

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