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Facebook New Image Bug Exposed

It is confirmed by the face book themselves that a software bug exposed the photos of more than 6.8 million users.

The announcement of the the data breach was announced just a day after hosting is pop-up privacy experience “It’s your facebook” on New York Bryant Park.

It is also mentioned that from the 12 days in September several of the third party apps had accessed into a wider range of photos of the users.

The most shocking thing that can scares a user is that the third party not only access your posted images but also the one you had on the drafts on facebook was also accessed by the third party.

On the other hand Facebook has also assured that when a user access to another app and they need some options for login like continue with facebook or google.

Facebook usually gives the access to the third party for only the basic knowledge of users and the images they uploaded whilst the user connect the facebook account with that app. They does not give access for other photos but it is now pointed out by facebook that the picture bug give the access to third party to see the non-posted images as well.

Facebook said it would be working with affected developers to help them “delete the photos from impacted users“.

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