Indian Man Wears Gold Face Mask To Protect Himself From Coronavirus

An Indian Man Wears Gold Face Mask to Protect Himself from Covid-19, In a recent trending interview he said that he paid around $4,000 USD for this gold face mask to protect him from coronavirus raging in the country.

This precious mask covering weights of around 60 grams (Tow Ounces) and took craftsmen eight days to make, said business Shankar Kurhade, from the Western City of Pune, India.

“It is a thin mask and has tiny pores that is helping me to breathe,” Shankar told AFP. “I am not sure if it will be effective to protect me from a coronavirus infection but I am taking other precautions,” he added.

People Comments on Gold Face Mask:

“Imagine spending 4,000 dollars then the dealer was a coronavirus positive.”

“Money can buy you anything except common sense.”

“$4000 for the gold mask, another thousand for hiring bodyguards to protect him in public.”

Watch His Video:

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