AirBNB CEO in Interview Said That We Build Company in 12 Years and Lost Everything in 6 Weeks

It takes years to build a successful business and the world can absolutely destroy it with just some plandemic with unexpected virus.

So, That is why exactly happened to Brian Chesky, The founder / CEO of AirBNB, due to Covid-19.

“It took us 12 years to build Airbnb, and we lost almost everything in four to six weeks,” Chesky said in an interview on CNBC, indicating that the company was preparing to go public this year, and now that is up in the air.

Brain Chesky has also noted down that the AirBNB faces uncertain future due to the fears of virus around the globe.

He further added, ““Tourism as we knew it is over. I don’t want to say that the journey is over, but rather that the model we knew has died and will not return. We are going to get in our cars, drive a few kilometers to a small community and stay in a house.

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The CEO noted that at least in the United States, Airbnb is already recovering, although it does not want to have “false hopes and that its company is not absolutely out of the woods. “

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