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Internet Marketing Options: There are various types of Internet marketing programs that have a unique mix of advantages and challenges along with economics factors.

What is Internet Marketing?


Web portals are web pages that have a specific function or focus area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process or processes that adjust web site software and content to improve the relative ranking of the search engine list results from keyword searches.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of sharing marketing and sales programs, compensating marketing affiliate (partners) for their role in communicating and selling to their customers.

Adword marketing is a process that uses keywords that potential customers search for in search engines to display ads.

Email Marketing is the sending of marketing and sales information using email messaging systems.

Affiliate marketing is the process of working with other companies to cross promotes products or services in return for an incentive (affiliate commission).

Banner advertising is the insertion of graphic images on web sites that contain hyperlinks to other web sites.

Mobile advertising programs can reach specific types of users in controlled geographic locations.

Blogging and Podcast marketing programs can cost effectively reach users that share well defined interests and needs with each other.

Viral marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services through the use of messages or ads that are self regenerative (passed along by recipients).

To increase the effectiveness of internet marketing different types of marketing programs can be combined to interact with each other (integrated marketing).

A good understanding of the operation, options and economics of the different types of internet marketing programs can help to determine how to optimize each of the Internet marketing programs and discover how to increase their effectiveness when they are used together.

Internet Marketing Program Types.

 Internet Marketing Types.
Internet Marketing Program Types.



Buying Cycle

 A buying cycle is the processes and tasks that are used by a person or company when they are buying or replacing a product or service.

The steps in a typical Internet buying cycle include discovering a need, researching potential products, gathering comparative information, requesting information and making a purchase decision. The buying cycle for internet customers tends to be short and can range from days to weeks.

An example of buying cycle time is the number of days it takes for a user to buy a car from the time a purchase request is submitted.

The cycle is approximately 13 days.


Discovery Phase

The discovery phase of a buying cycle is the point where a person develops an awareness of a need or want. This may occur during an advertising message that identifies how a problem can be solved using a product or service.


Interest Phase

The interest phase of a buying cycle is the reinforcement of the desire for a person to obtain or use a product or service.

This may be in the form of repeating the original benefits or showing additional satisfying experience the user may experience from the product or service.


Research Phase

The research phase of a buying cycle is the period a user spends looking for solutions to obtain the product or service.

The goal of a marketing program during the research phase is to get the visitor to bookmark the site or remember the URL for their buying phase.


Buying Phase

The buying phase of a buying cycle is the time the user spends purchasing the product or service.

The goal of a marketing program during the buying cycle is to make the purchase transaction as quick and simple as possible for the customer and to avoid triggering doubt in the customer’s mind that there is something wrong with the company that is selling the product service ( such as not having contact information on the web page).

This example below shows a buying cycle for a person who is looking to buy a mobile telephone.

This example shows that the prospective customer becomes aware that they have a need or desire for a new mobile telephone after seeing an ad for a new feature.

Over the time, consumer’s interest for the new phone is developed as the person sees additional ads showing the benefits to using the new feature.

When the customer’s desire is great enough, a research phase begins.

Buying Phase Internet Marketing Options

Buying Phase Internet Marketing Options
Buying Phase


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