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Internet Marketing Objectives – Complete Guide

Internet Marketing Objectives

Internet Marketing Objectives are statements that identify targets that should be achieved through media communication efforts that may include such items as revenue. Quantities, market share, account types or experience.


 Internet Marketing Options


Revenue Targets

Revenue targets are sales values that are desired along with the associated time periods that the sales should be achieved.

Revenue targets for marketing programs may be defined in gross sales, net sales, or average revenue sales per customer.


Product Quantities

Product quantity targets are item quantity sales that are desired along with the time period in which they would be sold, shipped or ordered.

Product quantity targets for marketing programs may be defined as quantity sold for each marketing campaign or quantity sold per sale (items ordered by each customer).


Product Usage

Marketing campaign may be used to build awareness of new uses or applications for existing products.

An example of a product usage objective is the promotion of how computer printers can be used to print postage labels or t-shirt transfer as a way to encourage consumers to purchase additional materials such as printer ink cartridges.


List Creation

Internet marketing campaign may be used to gather contact data for potential customers for mailing lists or sales leads.

An example of a list creation campaign would be to offer a free product or information document if a person provides their contact information along with some qualifying information (such as interest areas).


Profit Margins

Internet marketing campaign can be used to promote products or services that have profit margins (such as high-margin items).

This may be necessary to ensure that promotional programs are profitable if the cost of Internet marketing has a high marketing cost per sale.



Marketing campaign may be performed to gain experience or to discover business metrics such as conversion rates, average sale amount, product return rates and the amount of fraud that is expected to occur.

What is Internet Marketing?

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