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Internet Marketing Domains – Email Forwarding

Internet Marketing Domains – Email Forwarding

Internet Marketing Domains – Email Forwarding: Domain Name:- A domain name is the unique text or sequence of characters that is used to identify an internet protocol address (IP address) of the web site host computer.

Each web site has a unique unchanging IP address.

A text domain name is converted into the web site IP address through the use of domain name service (DNS).

DNS computers are located throughout the Interent and when they receive a request, they convert the domain text address into the numeric IP address that is used to transfer packets to their destination web site.

You can lookup the numeric IP address for a web address by going to


Internet Marketing – Domain Name Selection:

Domain name selection is the process of identifying potential names that people use for connecting to web sites.

Determining if the domain name is available and registering the domain name. Domains should typically be unique, short, simple to pronounce and easy to remember.

Domain name are compose of a host name and an extension, which can be up to 255 characters long.

The extensions are the highest level domain name (such as .com, .org, and .net).

Extensions have implied meaning for the purpose or type of domain name and some extensions are assigned to a country (such as “.ca” for Canada).

Domains are authorized for use by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Some domain name extensions can be used for virtually any use (.com, .net, .org).

other domain name extensions have some use type requirements before they can be assigned (.gov, .mil, .int).

Some country assigned domain names have been used for alternative purposes such as .tv (country of Tuvali) and .co (Country of Columbia).

Domain names are commonly compose of text characters but some special character can be used such as the hyphen (-).

When the domain is separated by hyphens, Search engines may find and better categorize the domain name.


Some of the domain name types:

Some of the domain name types:
Some of the domain name types


Internet Marketing – Domain Name Registration:

Domain name registration is the process of submitting a domain name registration to a domain registrar.

A domain registrar is a company or organization that is authorized by ICANN to issue and manage domain names.

A domain holder is a company or person who has the right to use a domain name for a specified period of time (typically in multiples of 1 year).

The first step in the domain name registration process is to check for domain name availability. You can check for availability by visiting a web registrar site (such as

If the domain name is available, it should be registered with the registrar. To register the domain names, contact information must be provided.

After the domain name is registered, the name must be pointed to the IP address of the web site host site. The host of the web site will provide the unchanging (static) IP address.

The domain name registrar (which may also be the web site host) will then broadcast the domain name and its assigned IP address to various packet routers in the Internet.

These routers relay this information to other routers in the Internet until eventually all the routers learn the necessary information that will enable them to convert the domain name to the IP address. This process can take several hours or even days.


How to Create Webmail Accounts In Your Cpanel Add Email Forwarder

Internet Marketing – Email Forwarding:

Email forwarding is the process of redirecting emails that are received at one address to another address.

The email that is forwarded is called an alias email address. The destination address is where the email is redirected. The use of email forwarding allows the user’s email address to be redirected if they change companies.

Email forwarding is a feature of a domain name that must be setup by the company that hosts the web site. Many web hosting systems allow the domain owner to self-manage email aliases and their destination addresses.

An email address is composed of a username part and a domain name part, The username par may have structure requirements such as the types of characters (upper case or lower case) that can be used. The domain name part is never case sensitive.

Some email forwarding systems allow for special processing of alias email addresses. For example, a catch-all email address destination address may be setup to get receive all the emails addressed where the user part cannot be identified (such as or


This domain name has been setup to receive emails and forward them to other email address
This domain name has been setup to receive emails and forward them to other email address


Above image shows how email forwarding may be setup. This domain name has been setup to receive emails and forward them to other email address.

The owner of the domain name is provided with an email control panel that allows them to setup alias email address and associate them with their destination (forwarding) address.

In this example, the email address is setup to automatically forward to the email address.


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