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Introducing Echosec | Retrieve Anyone Location Who Posted Anything On Social Media

Retrieve Social Media Postings Locations That Were Made As Recently As a Minute or two ago

One of the most exciting and interesting products for extracting information from social media is a relatively new service known as Echosec. Echosec, found at www.echosec.net, is a service that allows you to search social media and takes advantage of locations services to show where the postings originated. Simply put, this means that you can pic a spot on a map using a selection box, or type in an address or name, and view everything that has been posted from that location.

Want to refine it even more? You can search by username or keyword as well and then even go a step further and filter the search by date range. In practice I have used this tool a lot, and I have been able to retrieve social media postings that were made as recently as a minute or two ago. Shows the echosec pro interface with a simple of results.


How could you make a  tool like this? Well, the easiest and most obvious way would be to enter the address of the company and/or select a box around the address and see what appears. Since a lot of people post information to social media regularly, it is possible to get information in and around a workplace. This could score valuable information about who is in the organization, where they are, what they are doing, and the like; you may even get extra lucky and see where employees are going for lunch that day so you can “meet” them there.


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