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Is PITB Clueless About Pakistan’s Largest Data Breach?

“An ‘ethical hacker’ has told the DT that they have breached the data just to expose the flaws in security mechanisms; NADRA discontinues CNIC verification service to PITB till data security is improved”.

Know About the Full Proofs of Data Breach=>  Pakistani Citizens Information Is Not More PRIVATE

Islamabad: The privacy of million people of Pakistanis has been compromised in what could possibly be the country’s largest data breach ever. The data has been sold for few bucks and this data breach includes: NADRA Details, Phone Ownership Details, Everything which is confidential that was leaked and sold for few bucks.

Our experts has confirmed with proof that groups of different social media platform were selling those private confidential records of every Pakistani individuals in Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) were concerned about this data breach which were being sold for few bucks and the majority of Pakistanis data were gone into wrong hands but PITB has no urgency to address this concern and take a strong step against these details.

There are hundreds of Apps in Google Play Store who sells these data of pakisani citizens and now majority of those people are not selling them but those Apps & Websites are monetize with Google Ads, Affiliate, Popads so they are making tons of money from there.

The majority of IT people in Pakistani knows about this issues and none of them is taking any action against this because those individuals themselves are  happy with those services being provides.

PITB is the backbone of Pakistan IT Development.

Rafay Baloch: One of the most amazing and talented Ethical Hacker of Pakistan has many times addressed and requested to Pakistan’s Government about these privacy issues and to provide him and other Ethical Hackers the opportunity to work for the Country privacy & to avoid those data breaches, He has appeared in different TV News Channels and different Social Media platforms requested Government of Pakistan so that he and his team can do better things regarding IT Security in Pakistan. But the government was not interested in these things and now these things will keep happening again and again if no strong action is taken against this.

Now the bio Data are being sold in 3000 PKR and Telecom Data is being sold in 100 PKR.

PITB source confirmed that there were no audit logs and trailers in the software systems developed by the PITB Board. The PITB even does not have the backup and disaster recovery sites for their system. All they checked those stuff were by the third party auditors. I must say they are not capable of IT revolutionary if the main Board is doing such a mistakes how could the country be developed.

Now Just Youtube or Google the word Check Phone Number Ownership Records this keyword will allow you to check the full details of every single Pakistani phone number ownership details like: Name, CNIC, ADDRESS, NETWORK and Other Phone Number. These videos are yet on Youtube and are of course as old as 1 and 2 years earlier but again no one took the actions, these videos are on trending on those days the video gone viral.

PITB Spokesperson: “We Have a Highly Qualified In House Security Team Headed by Thorough Professionals, Which is Vigilant 24/7 To Respond to the Cyber Threats.”

NOTE: It’s not yet confirmed that the data is hacked or not but it is confirmed that unauthorized access has happened.

Disclaimer: All the information discussed here is for awareness & educational purposes; we don’t aim at hurting anyone by any means. If there is some mistakes in this article let us know so we could correct them as soon as possible.

Again I am not sure whether the system of PITB were hacked or what but the data was actually being used improper and sold to many individuals, I have the video proofs of people selling those details and those details includes everything about NADRA BIO and TELECOM Details. There are yet hundreds of Groups in Facebook & Whatsapp yet they are selling same stuff. The Ownership details are out dated means those details they provide of phone numbers are of 2016 or 2015 they don’t own the latest details while that was data breach on that time but now I am sure that the data has only unauthorized access to NADRA BIO. Its because 2 days earlier today the data was available to every black hat community member but today when requested our expert members they were unable to access them it clearly says that they had the unauthorized access but now the whole data with them.


Earlier Few Days Before PITB Has Given Access to Anyone to Check The Driving License Details of Anyone But Now They Have Removed that Page From Their Website This Means They ALso Know About Everything=>

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