Islamabad Police Kill Young Boy For Not Stopping The Car – Fired 22 Shots At His Vehicle

Ali Moeen Nawazish said in a statement, “This poor year old boy didn’t stop when the Islamabad police signalled him to late at night. Probably because he knew that they would harras him and ask for money.

In return rather than following him, or asking for a stop to be put up… or the hundred other possible things they shot at him and the car, not even the tyres but the car and murdered him!

Even in trigger hapoy countries like America they follow the car and never shoot at it. Crazy! He was shor multiple times!”.

A 21 years old innocent boy who was shot dead by Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) personnel in Islamabad.

According to the reports by several news media, He was innocent student and shot for no reason at all.

Around 4 ATS officers including a sub-inspector involved in the incident have been successfully arrested.

The boy Usama Satti was dropping his friend in the area of Shams Colony. Talking to a local media outlet, Farrukh Satti, cousin of the slain, said that ATS police personnel were on patrol in the area.

When the ATS officers tried to stop Usama Satti. However, he didn’t stopped the car, they shot him dead.

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