COVID-19 VACCINATION: Altering The Book Of Life ‘DNA’

They Are Succeeding: They have finally reached towards the end of Script#1 i.e “Altering The Book Of Life i.e DNA”.

After over 7 billion healthy humans are vaccinated using this RNA vaccine, the generations ahead of us in 2030 and 2040 will have genetically modified changes completely opposite to their ancestors.

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No one will see a change now but for next 10 years.

Pfizer’s Vaccine will alter a portion of DNA like a virus in computer alters the memory, fragment by fragment. You don’t see it at first but with every passing time, you will notice it when the damage has already been done.

2020 proved that this world consists of a bunch of fools that can buy any narrative being sold to them. It will be the same sheeple quieting their religions in pursuit of a new religion.

And What Exactly is that Modification?

It will start with neurons first to drastically modify the genetic code of morality. Several new diseases will be introduced in 2030.

A new game just launched and i bought to play “cyberpunk 2077”. In the game, everyone has chips in hands, neck, shoulders, chest and a human is fully computerized.

While doing second mission, a person in the game was yelling, ” they are watching you, they are controlling you,” and everyone else were laughing at him even they were all androids-human.

The future is very horrible.

Credit: M. Mustafa

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