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Freelancers are Often Busy Making Money While Working 12-15 Hours a Day – Mind Sucks!

  • Out of 100% Freelancers – 10% are the Outsourcers

I will always believe in Outsourcing – since I started, Outsourcing worked great for me. Let’s see, How?

First of all – You must have powerful English communication both writing as well as Speaking. If you don’t have it. There would be very difficult for you to do the outsourcing of work. You’ve to be a Jugaari (Only with the Overseas people the USA, UK, Canada, Australia)


  • Trust me on that – Never sell your services at cheap prices. I always offer higher prices – (Buyers will definitely think that why you’re expensive? What could be special in this service?)
  • Let’s say – You have an account on Fiverr with the Gig of Content Writing. You’re offering $25 for 500 words content. You will get 3000 PKR ($20 as assumed) – Now hire a writer from the group (Should be Well-versed with writing. So, You shouldn’t do the loss for the person who’s paying). And pay him/her @1.5 per word (750 PKR) – Your Profit will be PKR 2350. Amazing? Great.

You’ve to search a gold – I repeat again, gold. you can find that from Facebook groups. or train the people nearby you.

Now Imagine, You’d more time left while you outsourced the stuff –

You would have learned a new skill in this time period. 🙂 Again, Learning full skill doesn’t mean – You’ve to be an expert on it. 🙂 I mean – You should have the know-how. So, if a client asks you the questions. You should know, How to deal with them?

The Next Step would be Copywriting – If you’re the Writer. Make the gigs, Search a Gold from the group. Pay them good, Again – Pay Good.

  • I will do Amazon Product Copywriting ($150-$500)

Let’s say – you close the deal for $150 for 1000 Words (PKR 25,000). You would already have the writer. Pay him @ 4 to 5 PKR per word. Your total Expense – 5,000

Your Profit = 20,000 PKR.

Let’s say – You’re a Local SEO person.

  • I will do the Local SEO for your business.

Here you find Physical Businesses in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. Trust me, They will pay you a bunch of money. It depends – How you deal with them?

Let’s say – You’ve closed the deal for $500 a month for ranking them in Google. Somebody is running an agency here for Local SEO. Outsource them at 50% share. It’s a difficult thing to do and requires a team as well.


May you got my point, What I am trying to explain here in this post.


  • You will make more money and fast than before.
  • You will have more time to take knowledge of new skills.
  • Your communication will become great. If you’re dealing with the clients on Whats app.
  • More time to enjoy with Family and friends.
  • You will have the expert in the Whole Freelance Industry.


  • Clients can ask queries anytime. You’ve to answer them if you’re specifically not on Whatsapp.
  • If one of the team members does the wrong work. You will be responsible.
  • Sometimes, You will have to refund the money to the client. and you’ve to pay the money to the writer.


This point is really important. You don’t know When your profile will stop working. Try to bring them on Whatsapp as I do. Or bring the clients from Facebook (Really difficult if you don’t have money, I will explain that later someday – How?)

You can send the reminder text to the old clients if they are on Whatsapp. While, If you send this on Fiverr. they will warn you. Even, Hundreds of sellers got their gigs drank without a reason. Included mine. Upwork is a great solution too.

Buyers who are directed with you, Will definitely refer his/her relative to your services. Rather going to Fiverr and trust on someone again.

“Hardworking People can live full-time by doing Freelancing – Outsourcers can enjoy life while hiring the hardworking people”

Even, I don’t know – How to do the copywriting, Content writing, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress Website,. But, I am taking the order with my communication. Just because, I have the basic knowledge of the things mentioned above. SEO is the thing, I’ve been specialized in.

“Let’s create opportunities for PAKISTAN”

Credit: Syed Shaheer Waqar

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