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Need Motivation to Write an Essay? Follow Expert Tips

Motivation is a touchstone for any writer — professional or academic. While you may already know that inspiration is hardly necessary to be successful in writing, you still require motivation to keep moving and continue with your texts.

We will not give you too many rules to follow, as it will only confuse you. Here are four principles to follow when you find yourself lost, procrastinating, and zero motivated to deal with writing assignments of any kind.

Analyze your goals, and make sure they are yours

To start doing something, you need to decide why we need to do something at all. Already at this stage, many make a mistake that stops any good intentions even before you have time to start.

It is important to learn how to look for the true reason for your desires and goals, and not the secondary reasons that we usually try to motivate ourselves. 

For example, you want to receive top grades for all the essays. Why do you need this? Will it really affect your future career? Will it give you bonuses? Or is it some sort of self-induced perfectionism and search for narcissistic social approval?

There is no such thing as carved on the stone principle “all essays should be perfectly written.” So why do you need this? Most probably, at this point, your motivation changes, and you think, “I need to submit all the papers on time, and these two essays should be of a top-notch quality because (insert your reason).”

Motivation always comes down to basic instincts, not something else, so it’s important to learn to listen to yourself and understand the reasons for your actions.

Make a plan based on your previous stories of success and failure

Achieving any goal — both small and big — is always easier when you have a specific plan of action. The idea of writing all the papers on time and perfectly is very sweet, but hardly realistic and doesn’t sound like a plan at all.

The plan should include several steps, and those steps should be “singular.” It means that each step should include one action. When you have such a plan, it will be much easier to motivate yourself because when we have a step-by-step guide, procrastination decreases.

Try and see how it works. You should also base your plan on previous successes and failures because, based on them, you know in which pace you realistically can move.

Achieving the small subparagraphs of the goal brings you closer to the final result, and at the same time, gives you greater faith in yourself and your strengths. 

Learn how to diversify your writing tasks and delegate some of them

Once you are done composing a step-by-step plan, assess how you can realistically achieve your goals with it. There is a chance you simply can’t. No, we don’t try to say that you won’t be motivated enough, or that you don’t have a needed skill set for this task.

The problem is, we have only 24 hours in every day, and we all need to sleep and eat somewhere in between working, studying, commuting, etc. Not all the assignments can be done on time if you do them on your own.

To avoid problems with deadlines, choose the writing tasks you can delegate to online experts, from WriteMyPaperHub essay help service, for example. A brief “Can someone write my essay?” search can spare you hours within the week. Hours which you can spend on dealing with other assignments which have greater importance to you.

Remember, following unrealistic plans and not looking for help in crisis will kill your motivation faster than you can imagine. 

Make your will power stronger and benefit from it when writing

It’s really possible to train willpower. This will help you not to despair in difficult moments when there is no commonplace mood to start doing something.

And it will give an incentive to bring the matter to the finish line, when one step is left to the final result. Familiar rules of a healthy lifestyle apply to willpower training.


  • Sport: Regular exercise in any sport is the basis of a good mood throughout the day. Indeed, at the end of the training, the body gives us a generous dose of endorphins, hormones of happiness, in gratitude for activity. Improved mood guaranteed!


  • Nutrition: Along with sports, proper balanced nutrition is the key to well-being and a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Accustom yourself not to skip breakfast – this is especially necessary for the cold. Without fuel, it is very difficult to be active and implement plans, so do not skip the main meals; they should be held as scheduled.



  • Sleep: The temptation to watch a few more episodes of your favorite series or hang out on social networks before going to bed for several hours – all these are moments that create the illusion of happiness, actually bringing only short-term pleasure. For the sake of this, we deprive ourselves of valuable hours of sleep, during which we relax, enjoy, and gain new strength. One has only to put aside all gadgets for one evening and go to bed early – and the next day, you will be surprised how energetic and fun you can be, despite the lack of sun and frost outside the window.


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