TAIWAN: Unaffected By Covid-19 Even No Lockdown, No Closed Business

University of Johns Hopkins has previously predicted that Taiwan would have the worlds second most corona virus cases, due to close destination to China.

Surprisingly only 80 miles away from the cost of China with over 400,000 of its 24 million citizens working in China, of Mid April, the country only has around 400 cases of corona virus and on which 6 deaths happened. and most of these cases of covid-19 comes from abroad.

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Guest What? All of this happened without even shutting down the country with lock downs, and almost all of the country businesses seems to operate normal.

Is Taiwan Doing Something Secret That World is Missing?

This is very important question to ask, may be Taiwan knows the agenda behind this human made virus Covid-19,

“According to the Taipei Times, Taiwan’s CDC tried to warn China and WHO on December 31, 2019 about possible human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus, while China was still denying that such transmission was possible.”

The same day, Taiwan took strong decision to monitor the travel from China to reduce the chances  of having the coronavirus come into the country. They were one of the first countries to restrict travel from China at their borders.


But unlike other countries, Taiwan didn’t quarantine the entire nation. They mainly focused on quarantining travelers coming in from abroad in their own homes, while the rest of nation went about their business.

Well, with some restriction in place, some of which includes wearing Face Masks, and practicing social distancing.

It is hard to argue that few actual cases and very low deaths. They kept the country open, and did not destroy their economy.

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John Ransom, reporting for TownHall Finance writes:

Protests in the streets, oil trading at negative numbers, rapidly spiraling unemployment, locked-down international travel and trade: I think we can all agree that by any barometer, including these, the world has failed the Wuhan flu test.

Why the world’s answer to the China flu has been so disastrously wrong, ill-thought out and ignorant to reality can be left to future post-mortems. But after spending literally trillions on public health over the decades to prevent just such an occurrence, it’s clear by now that the world’s investment in public health professionals was wasted.

We can debate whether the cost was worth it, but there is no denying that the cost has been beyond anyone’s imagining.

Some may argue that in such a crisis, experts faced a no-win situation where they had to either trade lives for the economy or the economy for lives.

To that I give a one-word answer: Taiwan.

Taiwan is the other “China”. It’s a small island off the southern coast of China, called the Republic of China (ROC). It was created as a bastion of “free” China as the Communist Party took over mainland China (PRC).

The island may be small, but the country is a regional and worldwide powerhouse. It’s the 21st largest economy in the world (19th if counting by PPP), despite having a population of just 24 million. It ranks 11th in GDP per capita, comparable to Denmark and Sweden.

It’s also an important partner with Communist China as one of the leading investors, trading partners and bankers for the PRC. Consequently, Taiwan hosts quite a bit of contact with the PRC.

For comparison sake, the United Sates saw about 3 million visitors from China in 2018, while Taiwan hosted 2.6 million visitors from China in 2018.

That’s why the results from Taiwan in fighting China’s Wuhan flu—as they call it in Taiwan—is so extraordinary.

Worldwide there have been 321 cases of COVID-19, or Wuhan flu, per million people. In Taiwan there have been just 0.3 cases per million people for a total of 422 cases, with only six total deaths.

Equally important is that while the Taiwanese economy has been damaged by the global shutdown, their domestic economy and society has remained open. (Source and Full Article Here.)

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This pandemic has provided us with a clinical trial in the healing power of freedom. We can now compare two control groups in the form of two Chinese societies — one free and democratic, the other under the grip of a brutal totalitarian dictatorship.

Totalitarian China has not only been ravaged by the virus but has also spread the contagion to our shores. Free China has defeated it. The lesson is clear: COVID-19 grew in the cesspool of Chinese Communist tyranny.

The antidote to the coronavirus is freedom. (Source.)


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