Do not to trust your local and international media. Billion dollar funds are given to these thugs for spreading panic and FEAR.

Have you seen a single TV in Pakistan, questioning where are the pictures and identities of those 1000s of daily dead bodies in Italy, Spain and now USA?

Did they ever asked for audit of stats coming from John hopkins University or death certificates?

Did any TV channel talked about Agenda 201?

Did any TV even discussed the digital dollar and digital euro developments?

Stop following them blindly. It’s a well crafted script and it’s going all under UniCorp’s control as THE ECONOMIST magazine cover depicted.

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Govt must not come under WHO and IMF influence and lift the ban as soon as possible. They want Recession and ultimately Civil War across the globe in order to pave a way for their new monetary digital plan.

The world bank aid to COVID-19 effected countries is actually a honey trap so that the corrupt govts may prolong the lockdown in greed of HOT MONEY.

World Bank aid is the reason why your govts are recording the funerals of each Coronavirus victim in a sensational way!

This is why videos go viral on social media every week where doctors in Protective kits accompany the dead body all the way to graveyard. It’s a simple show-off contest on who is given the aid first.

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As I am speaking all major central banks from Bank of England to Federal Reserve Bank to Bank of China, Japan and India, all have developed Bitcoin like digital cryptocurrencies that will be rolled out very soon if everything went according to the plan.

They will first create Central Bank Digital Currencies aka CBDC to encourage public to convert cash to digital currency. It could take another 2 to 3 years, I am sure 2023 will be the date they will succeed in transforming the monetary system to an Absolute Cashless System.


Why would public convert cash to Digital CURRENCY?

What was the first thing you heard from this SNAKE called WHO right when coronavirus was not even known to the public?


Hey wait Coronavirus infects paper currency but not newspapers??? 🤔 News Channels are in short bitches of the riches

Once the masses are brainwashed enough that cash is Harmful for your health because it can easily be infected with a virus, central banks like the STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN, will issue new laws to convince masses into believing that since cash is bad for your health and future pandemics are expected, thus here is a new digital lollipop that you can use instead!!

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These developments will start appearing once Telecom firms in Pakistan work towards installing 5G nodes across the country. For a cashless monetary system fast wireless connection is the need of time and they will make sure 5G is pushed on asap basis.

What Can We Do?

You can’t fight them, you can’t escape them but you can surely trick them!

  1. Learn how they transform mankind into slaves every half a century by corrupting the monetary system.
  2. Learn the Difference between MONEY VS CURRENCY.
  3. Learn how to protect your wealth assets with GOLD or SILVER.
  4. Learn about ZION

Learn it and you will never go bankrupt or treated as modern slave God willing.

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