LIFT Lockdown or Face Civil Bomb Blasts

We all called for lockdown, we waited and we waited for weeks but we saw no serious exponential death trajectory, we supported the govt with all its measures and now since Pakistan is completely out of Danger which some fools will never accept and UniCorp media will never allow, the life must go on.


This virus envelope failed to sustain high heat radiations of South Asia and the number of deaths in Pakistan and India are almost negligible and show no sign of pandemic at all.

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The fear that virus will explode if markets are opened is baseless and subjective because a pandemic does not wait at your doors for 2 consecutive months asking for your permission to strike or not.

The outbreak would have long occured but temperature, humidity and immunity of the masses here made it extremely difficult for this microscopic parasite to prove lethal as it did in cold temperatures of China, Europe and Iran.

Hunger and thirst is far stronger killer than an engineered virus like Coronavirus.

GOVT should not act as God and must not come under the blackmailing tactics of IMF and WHO with their scripted global Lockdown, it can never feed the 22 carore people for even a single day let it be a month.

I saw tears in my painter, mechanic, electrician and carpenter eyes. We run a factory and we know what a labour fears most. It’s not coronavirus that gives them nightmares but the fear of not being able to feed crying kids at home.

Stop getting emotional and think rationally. I am the biggest advocate of scientific research and back my stances with science only.

Logic and rationality demands we must not invite economic collapse and recession.

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If these 22 carore are not fed, remember you can never promise yourself safety or security at your homes as you are forcing a hard earner towards a CIVIL WAR.

Robbery and bloodshed will increase and this bomb of public frustration can explode anytime within a week if not diffused on time.

Remember brothers that Prophet Soleman a.s who was awarded kingship all over the world by Allah gathered all the resources of the earth and used Jins to cook food for over 3 or 6 months to feed creation of God on earth for a day but he failed to feed even a single large fish which swallowed it all in once and still asked for more!

GOVT can’t feed people, NGOs cant and neither can each one of us even if you try it. We must let nature take its course now.

Pakistan is no doubt out of danger Alhamdulillah. Cases don’t count but deaths do matter and over past 2 months we have less than 35 deaths.

The credit does not go to anyone but Allah be cause our incompetent quarantine methods and our incompetent govt was by no means in a position to have done it or contained it. Neither could China contain it without the help of Nature. 

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Allah has saved us all from this engineered biological war of the rich filthy banking elites and Zionists and now it is time we must have faith in God, get back to work by keeping safety precautions of hygiene in mind.

This pandemic should be a lesson for us all.

  1. For our armed forces to learn that wars can’t be won with nuclear weapons alone now and they must invest their energies in vaccine research labs to be prepared against future biological wars.
  2. Politicians must focus on healthcare and public welfare and practical education more.
  3. Scholars must get out of narrating stories and teach the practical Islam to public and must focus on eschatology and scientific research. They must guide Ummah with upcoming threats and must stop limiting themselves to arabic literature and story telling only.

Our future is bright and shiny, only if we recognize our one true enemy and the enemy of the mankind I.e. UniCorp; Yes now after quarantining myself for over a month, I will be offering prayers in Masjid regularly.

What is UniCorp?

you will find it’s information on dark web only. It’s international establishment run by rich elite banking dynasties and Zionists. Says: M.Mustafa Ahmedzai

Credit: Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai []

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