As Expected: UN Food Program of Syria Implemented in Pakistan

I don’t predict future only Allah does. I use His gifted knowledge to connect the dots and draw a picture as correctly as I can.

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Federal Information Minister Just announced that HBL bank will gather biometrics of people to form a central database and people can they buy ration from those designated Food Inventory sale points to make their purchase digitally after their finger print identification.

This is exactly what UN tested on Syrian refugees using IRIS SCANNING instead of fingerprints and I mentioned it 2 years ago in my research here: 


And on my timeline on 27th March as soon I heard Prime Minister use this specific technical word “CENTRAL DATABASE” for food distribution because I knew only UN has this model and not implemented else where.


This is the first move towards brainwashing the public and making them accustomed with a digital payment model based on biometrics.

Ladies and gentlemen, ID2020 under billgates foundation is the future now.

The kindergarten training of the masses towards an Absolute cashless society has just started in Pakistan.

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This lockdown is nothing but a global mind programming of the public towards discarding paper currency and adopting a digital medium of exchange.

Shame on Pakistani establishment to have surrendered to this UniCorp agenda and becoming a part of it. Our establishment kept screaming about fifth generation warfare but when time arrived, you maintained utter silence but WHY? How will you face God by using your 22 carore people as test dummies?

Indeed they Plan and Allah also plans and Allah is the best of Planners.

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