ARY OFFICE: Sealed Employees Tested Positive For COVID-19

According to Sources, May Be True or False, Cases are Increasing in Pakistan day by day, which according to media crosses 13,300 COVID-19 patients in the country.

One of the Pakistan’s leading media network, ARY’s office in Islamabad has been closed after 8 people have reported positive for corona virus.

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20 tests were initiated as precautionary by administrators after which 2 people showed up symptoms of Covid-19.

ARY owner, Salman Iqbal, shared his views on twitter, saying the office will be sanitized and all the employees on the office will be tested. The administrations have notified employees to stay at home until further notifications.

As a precautionary measure, random testing was done in ARY Islamabad office, 8 reported positive out of 20 tests, 2 have shown symptoms. We have closed our Islamabad office. All staff will be tested and office to be sanitised. Till all staff is tested, employees have been asked to stay at home.

ARY also claimed earlier that they have moved their staff to work remotely and only the necessary staff was asked to come to offices, however the recent news raises doubts over the network’s honest on the matter.

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Most of the companies around the globe have adopted the work fro home model to minimize the spread, however, the bosses in Pakistan are still putting their workforce at risk of contracting corona virus.


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