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It’s All About Skills Now – Google, IBM, Apple No Longer Require College Degree

An active belief that everyone who gets low test scores are not bold and avoid tough majors that lead to some of the great jobs, It is now being demonstrated wrong.

Simply it is because everyone misunderstood those people and didn’t realize that every individual is greater in his/her own way.

Today’s the most successful individuals are the college dropouts of his/her time. The adorable thing is that they achieved success not by degrees but by having the skills they are good at.

The best news for those individuals who have been not very efficient in greater college degrees is that today’s the most top companies Such as Google, IBM, Apple, etc are not assigning jobs to individuals who have been completed a four-year degree program.

Instead, The top companies want you to have the best skills that are required in companies.

Today’s most top companies believe in self-learning, Passion, Innovation, and having the best goals.

Recently Glassdoor had compiled a list of the top companies that they don’t require a four-year degree.

Companies No Longer Require a College Degree

Companies such as Google “Company Rating 4.4”, Ey (UK) “Company Rating 3.7”, Penguin Random House “Company Rating 3.8”, Costco Wholesale “Company Rating 3.9”, Whole Foods “Company Rating 3.5”,  Hilton “Company Rating 4.0”, Publix “Company Rating 3.7”, Apple “Company Rating 4.0”,  Starbucks “Company Rating 3.8”, Nordstrom “Company Rating 3.6”, Home Depot “Company Rating 3.5”, IBM “Company Rating 3.6”, Bank of America “Company Rating 3.5”, Chipotle “Company Rating 3.4”. and Lowe’s “Company Rating 3.3”.


According to the head of talent organization IBM, This kind of jobs are called as a New-collar Jobs in which the qualification of the candidates is based on his/her skill.

In this way, all the individuals who failed to complete his/her 4-year college degree in any way but have proved his/her technical knowledge will have a chance to become of part of these top companies.

The world youngest software programmers Tanmay Bakshi is the example. When Tanmay Bakshi was only 11 years old he develops his own Watson application named as Ask Tanmay.

After some time, Tanmay Bakshi found a Bug in the document conversion service by IBM and it was shared by IBM on Twitter. 

Suppose if you have a college degree in some other program but are ken in learning software development.

The thing for you is that you can still have an opportunity to get a job in the world’s top companies. You can take the example of Angela Taylor, She worked as an HR person in Google, Now she becomes a Google Engineer. 

Suppose If the Individuals are given the flexibility, They will better be equipped with knowledge and sills than just getting Four-Year college degrees.

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