Labor Day History [International Labor Day in Pakistan]

The Labor Day was started in the late 19th century, as the union of trade and labor movements occurred, the unionist thought about a day that would set aside especially for the labors to celebrate, and they named it as “Labor Day”.

Those workers who have contributed with the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country, this day honor them.

In 1887, Oregon was the first state of the United States of America to set this day an official public holiday.

With the passage of time, this holiday becomes a federal holiday in 1894. Following the steps of Oregon, the other thirty states of the U.S also officially celebrated Labor Day.

The Americans celebrate this day on the first Monday of September. The Canadians labor day is also celebrated on the first Monday of September.

But, there are more than 80 countries in the world who celebrate this day on May 1. The ancient European holiday of May Day.

This day was selected by the Socialist and communist parties to pay tribute to the Haymarket Affair.

The Haymarket affair was an incident occurred in Chicago on May 4, 1886. On this day, the worker striking for eigh-hour day jobs with a peaceful rally in Chicago. In return, the really experienced a bombing and deaths.

Labor Day in Pakistan

If we talk about Pakistan, so this day is also celebrated on May 1 of every year. But, in reality, the worker’s community is facing a lot of tough situations in this country.

There are lots of people who work day and night like a machine and in return, they earn money which could not easily better their life’s for the future.

Somehow, there are different parties and organizations who celebrate this day by organizing different events and rallies.

In reality, who are living their life’s on daily wages, and if they don’t work for a single day then they cannot feed bread to their families.

People instead of organizing rallies and other events must need to think about a platform that could ease the situation of labor.

There are 365 days in a year, and we could do a lot for them on these days instead of something other which is a waste of time.

We have to collect amounts and give it to those who work on daily wages, and give them rest not once in a year but also once in a month.

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