Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23rd March [.pdf]

Subcontinent, which in the early 90s were included with both Hindus and Muslims. In general, both of the religious communities lived together but due to the cultural, religious perspective, they both differ.

Britain along with Hindus put the Muslims so behind in any aspect of life. There was a time when Muslims faced different hurdles, due to their religion.

Those were the times when a pig which was prohibited to eat and keep in homes were intentionally thrown to the religious places of Muslims and all of these things were usual in those times.

There was also some other phase came into the Muslim communities life’s, where they faced lots of hurdles.

Due to these type of scenarios, the Muslim plans and established their own party with the name of “All-India Muslim League”. The main reason for creating this party was to provide proper rights to the Muslim community.

In the meantime, the Muslims also realized that they can not get their rights properly until they acquire an individual and independent state.

With this perception, the All-India Muslim league annual meeting was started on 23rd March. And the main point was also discussed in the meeting about an independent Muslim state.

This resolution is also known as the resolution of Pakistan. This resolution was first proposed by Molvi Fazal-ul-Haq.

23rd March 1940, was the day when the Muslim aims and started the efforts for their own state. At last, the efforts of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other Muslims paid off and the Muslims got their own individual country on 14 August 1947.

It was also the dream of our national poet “Allama Iqbal” who becomes true. There were different peoples who sacrifice their homes, money, and everything behind for supporting in this great achievement.

Pakistan has faced a lot of hurdles for becoming an independent Muslim state, and we all should do our best to keep this country at the top of the list.

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