Stop Kashmir Day Holidays [It’s Killing Pakistan Economy]

Kashmir is a mystery which was not solved since the independence of Pakistan and India. There are two different locations of Kashmir, one exists at the Pakistani side and the other at the Indian side.

The Pakistani side Kashmir is known as Azad Kashmir while the Indian side Kashmir is known as Jammu Kashmir.

In social media and news channels, we see the continuous protest of the people from the Jammu Kashmir side for the independence of this area.

It was also seen different times that Indian army did brutal attacks on the Muslims of Kashmiris. This is all going in since a long period of time, and there were also different debates held between both of the countries, but there is still no chance of its independence.

This was a description I wanted to mention in this article before heading to the main topic of this article. So without any ado, I am starting the main part of this article.

On February 5, the people of Pakistan make this day as a Kashmir Solidarity day. The people come out from there homes and organize different rallies across Pakistan.

Govt also imposed a public holiday on this day for the solidarity of the Kashmiri’s brothers and sisters. In reality, this is not becoming beneficial at all for the Kashmiris.

If we understand this scenario with some common sense so there are different things that affect the economy of Pakistan.

Pakistan is already in a bad situation in the context of education, economy, and other basic needs problems. Holidays on the name of Kashmir solidarity cannot give the Kashmiris their rights.

If the people of Pakistans are really sincere about the Kashmiris then they have to do something which will benefit them.

As a Pakistani, we have to do something that really helps the people out there. If they are suffering from any financial problems, we have to look upon them and do our best to support them financially.

If they want our help for making them independent (Insha Allah), then we must have to put a petition and could create a heavy amount of pressure so our govt officials put this topic on different international meetings.

Each year people have to shut their shops, businesses, and organizations, Due to the order of the govt of Pakistan. This is totally destroying our economies, and there is no reason shows behind it that we can say give benefit to the Kashmiris.

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