MUFTI ZARWALI KHAN : Verily from Allah We Come and to Him We Return

  • A story of Mufti Zarwali Khan and Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Daughter Ifza’s.

Extremely moved with the precious loss of one of an extremely well versed Islamic scholars, who worshiped just One God fearlessly without attaching material partners to him. Rest in peace Mufti Zarwali Khan Sahab.

I rarely believed in dum durood or taweez. It was 2016 and Ifza’s first birthday was close. For some reasons she started seeing invisible characters in room and would run up to me or her mother like a terrified soul being followed by a group crazy creatures.

She could not speak but seeing the little angel crying for hours without a reason was raising questions in my mind.

When her birthday arrived and around 25 guests arrived. Everyone waited so that Ifza may come out and cut the cake. She would go to any room but would panic and scream like hell the moment her eyes would fall at the birthday room.

I took her to doctors and inquired everyone to the best of my ability to find why she was acting so weird.

Since its a tradition that we often attach everything to Evil eye, I tried all precautions first before choosing the spiritual path.

Hence I gave up and decided to take her to madrassa of Mufti Zarwali Khan which is located at a drive of just 15 minutes from my home.

I was not a personal fan of him for several reasons and especially when he used to point out people in masjid for not wearing cap or having trousers below ankles and for not allowing non bearded people in first row.

Despite all that I knew he was a learnt scholar and people would go to him during asr prayer for Dum.

His first glance at Ifza was so affectionate that Ifza calmly went towards him. He simply looked at her eyes and kept reciting few verses and then blew air at ifza’s head.

He said since children are pure inside, they are easy vessels for dark forces to be occupied. He recited verses of Holy Quran and told me to go in peace now.

We came back home.

#RESULT: It was that day and to this day, Ifza was just a normal kid again with no nightmares and terrifying screams of horror upon looking at the walls and room corners.

At first I was not able to believe this 24 hour all of a sudden change and then my heart turned in respect towards this full of wisdom scholar.

I respect him and forever will pray for him.

His bravery and blunt style set him apart from sheep minded and sugar coated scholars of Islam who treat Islam as a tool of drawing attention. For him Islam was PRACTICE.

Story By: Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

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