Digital ID: Government To Provide ‘Corona Vaccine’ For Free

This is just the beginning. Vaccine is just a cover. The real objective is ID2020, giving a digital biometric ID to every living soul on earth that will accompany him from cradle to death.

In very short period of time the dishonest and sold out scholars will give a Fatwa in its favor and masjids to ensure this evil agenda of ABSOLUTE FINANCIAL ENSLAVEMENT and ABSOLUTE STATE DOMINATION is fulfilled.

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Only a fool would think this billion dollar worth vaccines are donated for free just because someone wants you to live longer! They want you OnChain/Chipped/Tagged.

Remember RFID chips cost much less than vaccine production. They will be donated for free also..

22 crore Pakistanis and the rest of humanity will be tagged like cows are tagged before getting them milked.

Via: Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai [Author of]

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