‘NADRA’ Complete Guide of this Organization 2019 [Updated]

What Is Nadra?

Nadra Stands for National Database and Registration Authority, an independent organization that comes under the Ministry of Interior, Govt of Pakistan.

The main focus of this organization is to manage the Government Database and hold the record of all the national citizens of Pakistan.

They statistically keep the data of citizens and put them under the secure places for the security of Pakistani citizen records.

It is largest government database institutions with 11,000 regular and contract base employees. There are 800 national and 5 international branches of NADRA.

There are different organizations that require Nadra verification for any work process. So, if you are applying for any job or any local/domicile then you have to provide them a verified NADRA card.

If you are traveling to another city and don’t have a NIC card, you will face a lot of hurdles and realize the importance of it.

Banks in Pakistan requires NIC card for creating Bank Account and if you don’t have any card then you will face a lot of hurdles.

Besides that, there are different telecommunication companies like Telenor, U-fone, and Zong that provide you with SIM card facilities by entering your NIC number.

It is an important thing in a person life, without it, he can not survive in Pakistan.

What is the Benefit of NADRA Smart Card?

Well, the world is changing dramatically and there are lots of things other countries already adopted. NADRA is trying the same thing and updating their NIC Card by putting advanced options that can help the citizens to avail different facilities within a single card.

The main services they will provide to the customers are:

  • Opening and operating bank accounts.
  • Purchasing vehicles and land.
  • Obtaining a driver License.
  • Purchasing a train or Plane Ticket.
  • Obtaining Electricity, Gas, and water.
  • Securing Admissions to College, and Post-graduate Universities.
  • Conducting Major financial transactions.

What is the NADRA Tracking?

Let suppose, you applied for a newly NIC card which every citizen apply at the age of 18, they will give you a Tracking-id by providing you a receipt.

All you need is to put those 12 digit tracking number and send it to 8400. By applying this process, you will get to know about when and where your card will be dispatch.

According to the latest details, it would help you in collecting your NIC card at the right moment.

What is the NADRA Helpline?

nadra helpline

What are the Fees of NADRA National Identification CARD NIC?

The prices of NIC card vary with different categories of the card. We have mentioned the whole details about the prices of each category in detail.

Normal: If you are applying for a newly NIC card in your life then there are no fees for it. But if you are doing CNIC modification, Duplicate and renewal it will cost you 400 Pakistani rupees.

If you apply for a new smart card or for modification, duplicate, and renewal then it will cost you 750 Pakistani rupees.

If you are canceling any of your relative or friend card who is no more in this world then it will cost 50 Pakistani rupees for the process.

Urgent: If you apply for an urgent newly NIC card or for duplicate, renewal or modification then it will cost you 1150 Pakistani rupee.

If you are applying for new smart NIC card, Modification, duplicate or renewal then it will cost you 1500 Pakistani rupees.

There are no charges in urgent for canceling any NIC card for any reason. As there are no criteria that meet for this category.

Executive: If you apply for a new executive CNIC or for the executive NIC card modification, duplicate, or renewal then it will cost you around 2150 Pakistani rupees.

If you apply for a new executive CNIC card or for a new executive NIC modification, duplicate or renewal then it will cost you 2500 Pakistani rupees.

What is the Pakistani Citizenship age?

Well, as I already mentioned earlier about it but still question arises about the age. So, the requirement for applying a CNIC card is 18 years.

What is NADRA Office Timings?

Well, usually the NADRA timings that are mentioned on the official website are from 9 am to 7 pm. They facilitate the customers 10 hours a day.

If you want to go there to apply for your CNIC card, you have to reach there before 1 or 2 hours of its official opening timings as there is always a huge amount of citizens stands in a lane for the work.

What is the NIC feature?

Well, they allow a specific five digits number which you see at the beginning of your NIC card number. It is basically a pattern they follow through your father number.

First, they create your B-forum and allows you a specific number along with your siblings. These numbers are the one which puts on your CNIC card in the creation process.

New Policies of Nadra in 2019?

Fata Citizens can now create their NIC cards from anywhere in Pakistan. There are some new policies imposed by NADRA which every person should have to agree upon.

According to the sources, there is no birth certificate required for creating New NIC cards. Some of the basic things like Metric Degree, Passport, Domicile and original NIC card of parents have been mandatory now for the citizens to bring along for the further process of new NIC cards.

If you are married then there is no requirement of the computerized marriage certificate for females in the creation of NIC cards, instead, she has to submit a 20 rupees stamp paper.

The Verification policy of forms is also changed now. There is no need for any grade officer for the attestation of forms, as a person applying for CNIC can now attest their forms through the elder and NIC account holder of its family.

There is no requirement of a birth certificate for the b-form of your children.

If someone else from your home takes your nice card from Nadra, an authority letter would be required for them.

For name changing in NIC car,d you don’t have to post an ad on newspaper and instead, you just need a stamp paper for that.

Now at the time of NIC, the head will take interview of the candidate in all branches of nadra, and also gives comments on the forms.

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