Deaths from Outdoor Pollution – 2016

There is no specific definition of pollution which a person can describe to anyone. As there are seven types of pollution including Water pollution, Air pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, Soil pollution, Radio-active pollution, light pollution.

A person is stuck with lots of pollution that are harming its life slowly, and there are different countries who lost lots of human due to pollution.

Without any delay, I am mentioning the top countries that have lost human lives in the past years.

Position Country  Quantity
1 China 1.1 million
2 India 1.1 million
3 Pakistan 129,000
4 Russia 126,000
5 Bangladesh 115,000
6 U.S 105,000
7 Indonesia 80,000
8 Nigeria 69,000
9 Egypt 68,000
10 Ukraine 54,000
11 Brazil 52,000
12 Japan 47,000
13 Germany 38,000


These are the shocking list that can give us the idea about the population. So, it’s we who need to stand against this and keep our country neat and clean from any kind of pollution.

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