‘Auto-Hotkey Script’ How to Change the Keyboard Shortcut

The Auto-Hotkey can’t do everything with just a few keystrokes. If you want then you must write a script and the application has its Limitations.

Although for what it can do, or for what it works Awesome. If you have Some Knowledge about how to write an Auto-Hotkey script.

Then for you Setting a keyboard shortcut is not a big issue. If you are Unexplored with writing these Auto-Hotkey scripts.

And you need to change the keyboard shortcut in Auto-Hotkey Script. It Charming easy to do.

Keyboard Shortcut in An Auto-Hotkey Script

The Keyboard Shortcut in An Auto-Hotkey Script is Stated at the very opening. The Line Will Looks like this You may See it Below:

Space & t::

The keyboard Shortcut is two colons before the bit. The Shortcut above uses for Space bar And the Key “T” Although it is disconnected by the Key “&”.

All keyboard shortcuts are written though but All Keyboard Shortcuts deadline with the 2 Colons.

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Space Bar

Space Bar

If you are going to use only Space Bar as Keyboard Shortcut then you will need to enter:


If you are Going to use it with combination with a letter key then you will need to Enter:

Space & [letter]

For Example:

Space & T

Enter, Backspace, Tab, And Escape

For this 4 keys, you will need to Apply the same rule as the Space bar. To Acknowledge Any of the 4 keys as a Keyboard Shortcut, You will Need to Enter its Name: Such as.

For Enter: Enter

For Backspace: Backspace

For Tab: Tab

For  Escape" Escape

If you are going to combine this keys with Another Key, You will need to Use & to Isolated it.

For Example:

Enter & e

Backspace & b

Tab & t

Escape & e

Ctrl Key

If you are going to use the Ctrl key then there are 2 tricks, You can use the Symbol:^ or enter control.

The Syntax is a portion different for Combing it with other Keyboard Shortcut.

For Example:


Control & t

If you are going to differentiate b/w Right and Left Control Keys Then I will recommend you use the Following:

Right Control key:^>

Left Control key: <^

Shift Key

If you are going to use Shift key then you will need to declare it as Shift. While using the Symbol +. For The Right Shift key use +> and for left key use <+.

For Example:


Shift & t

Alt Key

If you are going to use Alt Key, Either you can use Alt key or use Example.

For Example:


Alt & t


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