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NCA Shut Down Website And Begin Arrests Following Cyber Attack On 7 UK Banks

Cyber Attack On 7 UK Banks: The seven most popular United Kingdom largest banks which includes: Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco Bank were forced to shut down their complete system which occurred due to a cyber attack last year happened using a rented software that costs only £11, according to the National Cyber Agency.

The details on the cyber attack according to the National Cyber Agency, they claim that the attack costs the banks hundreds of thousands pounds.

Jo Goodall Senior Investigating Officer at NCA says that, A significant criminal website has been shut down and the sophisticated crime group behind it stopped as a result of an international investigation involving law enforcement agencies from eleven countries.”

The hackers are truly targeting the banks and financial institutes to hack the customer account or slow down the online banking operations.

The banks which were targeted include: Santander, Tesco Bank, RBS, Lloyds, HSBC, Clydesdale, Barclays and Yorkshire Bank Group but none of these banks informed the public that attack involved.

Santander banks statement said, “We cannot comment on any specific case but can confirm that we actively engage with the law enforcement where appropriate to help the fight against financial crime and cyber risks.”

NCA has declined to comment that the identity of the banks have claimed that investigation is going on.

Jo Goodall Said, The arrests made over the past two days show that the internet does not provide bullet-proof anonymity to offenders and we expect to identity further suspects linked to the site in the coming weeks and months as we examine the evidence we have gathered”.

John McFarlane, Chairman of TheCityUK and Barclays claim in the report saying, “Our traditional defenses are no longer adequate to protect ourselves as shared industry systems, companies or individuals. This is war, and needs wartime not peacetime, urgency.”

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